Weight: 128.51 carats

Dimensions: 27 x 28.25 x 22.2 mm

Color: Canary Yellow

Weight of Rough: 287.42 carats

Origin: Kimberly Mine, South Africa

Date Found: 1878

Current Location: Tiffany & Co. has been the sole owner


The Tiffany has an uneventful history, belonging to Tiffany’s since it was unearthed.

OK, what you see above is the current model of the Tiffany, not the brownish replica I had before.  It’s amazing what can be done to update a model after 25 years of technological developments.  No more tracing paper, this was done using my latest techniques on the computer.

One of the things I recently discovered is that the pavilion main angles can be accurately determined (within about ±0.5°) by looking at the reflection of the culet facet, and its position relative to the facet itself and the girdle.  More on this in the Regent discussion.