Photo by Fred Ward


Weight: Approx. 186 carats

Dimensions: 41.40 x 29.50 x 12.15 mm

Color: Pale pink*

Weight of Rough: Cut from the Great Table

Origin: Great Table

Date Found: Cut in the early 1800’s

Current Location: Bank Markazi, Tehran, Iran; Iranian Crown Jewels

*Color of real stone looks blue due to lighting conditions.


Technical information about this stone is covered in the discussion of the Great Table.

This stone was created from the larger of the two pieces when the Great Table diamond was broken. As Meen explains, there is one large extra facet on the pavilion that doesn’t belong there. Upon further analysis, he concluded that this facet was necessary to grind away a crack caused by the stones breakage. This allowed the Darya-I-Nur to remain as flawless as its parent stone.

This is also one of the few diamonds containing an inscription. It was obviously placed on the largest of the side pavilion facets, one that extends from the bottom of the stone to the girdle. It can be partially seen as a reflection in one of the facets on the opposite side of the stone, one located at the six o-clock position in most reproduced photos of the stone.