Black Orlov


Weight: 67.49 carats

Dimensions: 28.12 x 25.78 x 13.89 mm

Color: Black

Weight of Rough: 195 carats

Origin: India

Date Found: Early 1800’s

Current Location: Private

Ownership Details

This is the largest black diamond of historical origin. The cutting and symmetry on this stone is superb. Thanks to J. Dennis Petimezas, a former owner, in assisting in answering some technical questions that allowed modeling.

The black color is due to inclusions that I personally thought would have been finely divided carbon. However, they are predominantly iron-based, such as free iron, magnetite, and hematite. Diamonds with high enough concentrations of these materials can actually be magnetic.

The Black Orlov, said to be cursed, spans three centuries with an enigmatic history of international intrigue captured in fact, legend, and folklore. More information can be found at