Weight: Approx. 60 carats

Dimensions: 30 x 25.81 x 11 mm (approx.)

Color: Pale pink*

Weight of Rough: Cut from the Great Table

Origin: Great Table

Date Found: Cut in the early 1800’s

Current Location: Bank Markazi, Tehran, Iran; Iranian Crown Jewels

*Color in photographs varies due to lighting conditions.


This stone was created from the small piece of the broken Great Table diamond.  Its weight and dimensions can only be estimated as direct measurements cannot be taken.  Harry Winston Jewelers set it in a tiara for the Empress Farah Pahlavi back in 1958.  It would be assumed that it was weighed and measured, but they have declined to release any information concerning this data.  The Empress was kind enough to express her regrets that she did not have any of this information either, and suggested communication with the Bank Markazi in Teheran where the stone resides.  The bank has been unable to furnish this information also.

Note the crack at 3 o’clock, roughly half way from the culet to the edge.  This is the incipient cleavage alluded to by Meen (1967).  If the stone is rotated 180°, this is now in the proper position to extend into the Darya-I-Nur.  It is this crack that is ground away, resulting in the extra pavilion facet in this stone that allowed the Darya-I-Nur to remain as flawless as the original Great Table.